General Musings

Strange Surroundings

Jack stopped in his tracks as he accosted his surroundings. There was something strange about this place… something alien. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it.

The walls were off-white painted brick with signs of aging. The familiar glistening of porcelain and industrial mirrors arranged in a production-line-like array. The steel mesh reinforced opaque windows for natural light. The ever-present sound of trickling water.

Despite all the familiarity, he quickly realised that it wasn’t what was there that had him on edge. It was what wasn’t there. Something was amiss… something important.

The shiny metallic surface, normally so cold and lifeless all of a sudden felt like a long lost sibling. The yearning for their reunion welled up within him. Without it he knew he was an unwelcome visitor in a foreign land.

How did this happen? What was he doing in the female toilets?? Jack turned around and channelled his inner ninja as he snuck out, unseen. That was certainly more than enough misadventure for one day.