Faith Journey

Publicly Speaking

Jack had never considered himself a great public speaker, but yesterday he had the privilege of speaking in front of nearly 400 people as a lay minister at his local church.

Ever since he found out he was to speak, almost a week earlier, he had been constantly thinking about it. Right up until the moment he was introduced up on stage he was feeling physically sick. He had opted to not eat breakfast because he just knew that would have done more harm than good. So pre-occupied was he that it was only after he had stepped out of his morning shower that he realised he hadn’t yet rinsed the shampoo out of his hair.

Nevertheless, the sermon went off without a hitch. It started off shaky with a generous spattering of umm-s and ahhh-s but quickly gained momentum as the gracious crowd laughed at his occasional jokes. The feedback to him was unwaveringly congratulatory, though he was certain the more critical feedback was to come when he would be debriefed by the senior pastor.

When he got home he made sure to listen to the recorded sermon online, at first to make note of where he could improve for next time, but then eventually to appreciate his own jokes. “All in all,” he thought to himself, “a good day.”