Health and Wellbeing

Of Fibits and Fitness

45… 46… 47… Jack counted his steps as he walked up the stairs back to his bedroom. Having just purchased two Fitbits online – one for himself and one for his girlfriend – he wondered how much difference the new device would make in his daily fitness regime of sitting at a desk.

But he had already seen how the Fitbit had motivated some of his friends to start walking more. It was the whole social networking aspect of it that really got some of his more competitive friends walking to walk and to and from the nearby shops for lunch. He wondered whether the same would apply to him, given that he worked from home.

General fitness had been on Jack’s mind for a little while, like a nagging thought that needed to be satiated. For a time last year he had gone to several Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes, which engaged him mentally at the same time as thoroughly exhausting him physically, but for a couple of months now he had been absent from their daily classes.

Tick, tock. Tick, tock. “There was always tomorrow,” he thought to himself, “getting fit could always be done tomorrow.” He had, afterall, since the start of the year lost the 3kg he had gained in December. He smiled to himself, another day of internal conflict resolved.


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