Personal Finance

Dreaming of Millions

Jack had always dreamt of early retirement. It wasn’t an active dream, more of a passive dream. Since he was a teenager he had always said he wanted to make his first million dollars by the age of 30 and be retired 10 years after that. Everybody, including himself, thought it was a bit of a pipe dream.

As he sat in his room clattering away on the keyboard his dream coming to fruition right in front of him as he put the finishing touches on his small computer program. It was only a couple of hundred lines of code… but by his reckoning it was the key to financial freedom. He estimated something along the lines of $30-40k a month. A MONTH!

He couldn’t believe it, himself. And he certainly didn’t want to get ahead of himself. But having put his company on the back burner by starting to decline his client’s invitations to quote for jobs, he had in fact already started to put many of his eggs in this one basket.

In the back of his mind he knew it wasn’t prudent. And maybe it was the lure of more money he could ever think of spending… but he also knew that he didn’t get to where he was by being prudent, or by thinking the same way everybody else did.

“To hell with it,” he thought, as a plethora of generic idioms came to mind: Nothing ventured, nothing gained. No risk, no reward. With that, and with a press of a button, his algorithm began trading.


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